1932 Ford Tudor, Traditional Hot Rod with Known History!

1932 Ford Tudor, Traditional Hot Rod, Legendary American Iron!

Here we have a true barn find all steel, real deal, 1932 Ford Tudor.  This beauty was discovered in a barn in New Hampshire by a certifiable classic car freak after a very long slumber out of the elements.  He completely revived and refreshed it with a focus on preservation of the originality of the car.  It remains a true time capsule and remarkably solid 78 year old American classic! 
It's quite remarkable that the history on such a old car is known and it's a neat story, too.  The Ford was bought brand new in 1932 at Bowen's Garage in Eastford, Connecticut by Edna Lawrence.  In 1964 Ms. Lawrence sold the car to Jim Dooley for a mere $60.  Jim drove it for a short while until the engine started knocking and subsequently retired it to his barn around 1966.  A friend of Jim's, Ladd Eaton, came to visit Jim and was shocked to find the Ford stashed away with the barn falling apart around it!  At that time Ladd and Jim decided that Ladd would take the car with him to New Hampshire where he'd keep an eye on it and keep it safe.  Decades later it was purchased and fully revived by the current owner.  The title from 1964 is still present and shows the transfer from Ms. Lawrence to Mr. Dooley!
The body is in excellent unrestored shape, rock solid, and has nice presentation in the traditional hot rod flat black. 
The original interior is very well intact as well as you can see.  Cloth seat covers and door panels are a bit ratty but follow the cool purist theme of preservation.  Everything has a beautiful patina and really brings back the feel of the era through its authenticity.  Note the vintage 8 ball shift knob as well, old school American hot rod styling!
Mechanically it has been thoroughly revived and features a factory Ford crate engine with approximately 8,000 miles on it!  It is a factory balanced Flat Head Truck V8 featuring dual 94 carbs and it sounds great with plenty of power.  The trans is a 1939 3 speed manual.  The electrical has been upgraded to 12 volt and a new set of vintage style bias ply tires round out the period appearance very well.  This 1932 is fully functional and enjoyed regularly.

A true bit of legendary American Hot Rodding history!  Thanks!

Reduced to just $29,500

*Please note that this Ford is located in New Hampshire, USA.

Brendan Finn (858)366-2549

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