1943 KdF Type 60 Beetle!

1943 KdF Type 60 Beetle, Genuine Article, German Red Cross Director's Car During WWII

Holy Grail Garage is proud to offer this extremely early, rare, and historically significant Beetle!  This genuine 1943 was originally delivered to the director of the German Red Cross in Potsdam-Babelsberg in Berlin in June of 1943.  It has been confirmed by Volkswagen's personal archive, has been in the KdF registry for years, is a known car amongst the close-knit KdF collector community, has been the subject of multiple magazine features, and enjoyed participating in the Der Fatherland Tour some years back after the restoration was completed.

KdF Beetles had very low production figures between 1937 and 1944, they were issued to German military and government posts, were subjected to the ravages of the World War II climate, and by now have survived at least 72 years on Earth as well.  They are rare to see in any condition at all, much less in this nice of restored presentation.  This 1943 is about as special of a vehicle as we will ever witness in the "Volkswagen" community.

It has been estimated that approximately 40 genuine KdF Beetles are still remaining in the World today, in any condition, with the vast majority being far removed from what they were when they were new over 7 decades ago.  They rarely come available, especially publicly, as most of the transactions occur privately, below the radar.  

This is a unique opportunity to get an extremely early production Beetle, the "great grandfather" of one of the most iconic and loved vehicles in automotive history, and one with a truly global attractiveness as well.  Thank you.


Please note that this beautiful 1943 is located in North Carolina.

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