1954 Barndoor 23 Window

1954 Barndoor "23 Window Deluxe" Bus

This Bus left the Volkswagen factory in October of 1954 as an 11 Window Kombi and was shipped to Mexico City where it lived until approximately 5 years ago.  It has been off the road for many years and obviously led a very dry life as the body is in impressively good condition.  The owner had the Bus professionally converted to a 23 Window with the addition of the roof section with the sunroof and skylights, and the addition of the rear and corner windows, too.  The work is impressively clean and most people out there would never even know, especially once the Bus is painted and has a headliner installed.  The Bus is a very doable and worthy project with the vast majority of the "heavy lifting" already done.  It will still require work in every department but with genuine and "nice" Barndoor Deluxes now well over $100,000, this will be an appealing option for some enthusiasts.

The Bus comes with the following parts as well...

*Skylight Glass

*Sunroof Assembly

*Bumpers and Brackets (no trim)

*Original Belly Pans from a 1956 Deluxe

*Spoon Cargo Door Handle

Other than those items, the Bus comes as you see it pictured.

Other details to note are that the transaxle center section is a later tunnel case unit and the reduction boxes and spring plates are correct Barndoor.  Additionally the front beam is the original Barndoor setup, too.

I could see this Bus being several different ways including a full-tilt high quality build all stock, a full custom, and there's no question that loads of guys would just shoot it in a fresh coat of colored primer, bolt on some jewelry, and drive the hell out of it much the way it is.

$59,000  Thanks!

Please note that this Bus is located in San Diego, California.

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