1955 Standard Bus OG!

April 1955 Wolfsburg Standard Microbus, Original Palm Green over Sand Green Paint, Matching Numbers, Semaphores Survivor!

Here's an extremely cool, rare, mostly original, and positively special early Wolfsburg production Standard that is a very short time into the "Post-Barndoor/Wolfsburg" Bus production.  This particular example was born on April 14th, 1955, and is likely one of the earliest Post-Barndoor/Wolfsburg generation Standard Microbuses that you'll ever have the chance to own.  They are rare and all of the unique transitional Barndoor, Wolfsburg, and 1955 details make them particularly coveted amongst hardcore enthusiasts and collectors.

Some of the many features of this 1955 include being mostly original paint, factory semaphore turn signals, the matching numbers 36hp engine as confirmed by the Birth Certificate from Volkswagen, all of the correct seats including the 6 leg middle and Wolfsburg sharp leg rear, original snowflake rear kick panel, original and 61 year old mohair headliner, correct Barndoor armrests, Bakelite dome lights, large logo SEKURIT glass except for a few that were replaced over the years, fully intact and functional hand crankstart system, original paint wheels, the Canadian market Volkswagen badge on the decklid, and there's a faded logo from the C.E. Herring General Store in Squilax, British Columbia that gives us some insight to its early life!

The body is in impressively "good" and solid condition considering its age and the fact that it's never been welded or restored.  Most of the original L311/L312 Palm Green over Sand Green paint is still present although the nose was resprayed many moons ago as well as some small blends early in the Bus' life.  There is some rust in the inner and outer rockers as well as some small spots on the lower nose and lower edges, as you'd expect after 61 years on Earth.  There is also some wrinkling to the passenger's rear roof area as an old and deteriorated barn fell on it long ago, denting the roof.  Details to note include the early Wolfsburg brakelight decklid, correct early semaphore Bus taillights, original seamed doglegs, 6 leg middle seat cargo floor, tubular transaxle hanger, lipless and large mesh front fresh air intakes, early gas door with the rubber seal, single position rear hatch, correct doors all around, and the crankstart apron, just to name a few!  Some more love with CLR and polishing and waxing will detail this Bus out further to a higher level, too.

The interior is vastly original with all 3 correct early seats including the flat back front, 6 leg middle, and Wolfsburg rear, all being original and original Soft Green upholstery as well.  The interior panels, mohair headliner, rubber floor mats, and interior paint are also all original.  Other details to note include the correct short spoon popout window latches on the 2 factory popouts, the very nice original rear luggage shelf board, and it's complete with the exception of the middle seat kick panel.  Very very rarely do we see such an early Bus as this still so intact, complete, and original!

Mechanically the Bus is complete, stock, and a runner.  The engine is the original "20-" 36hp, the correct split case transaxle, and, of course, it's still 6 volt as well.  It starts quickly, idles nicely, and runs and drives.  The engine was refreshed some years ago with new bearings, rings, and seals, and still sounds nice.  Serious buyers feel free to contact me and I will email you videos of the engine starting and running.

Overall this is a beast of a survivor Bus, cooler than most we ever see on the market, and very capable of being dialed to a higher standard with some tender loving care!  Thanks!


Please note this 1955 is located in Moncton, New Brunswick, CANADA.

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