1965 Highroof Bus!

1965 Highroof Panel Bus, Very Clean Driver, Added Sales Flap, In Japan!

Here is a very clean and enjoyable genuine factory M222 Highroof Panel Bus that was previously used as a food service vehicle in Japan.  It was outfitted for serving French food and still has much of the equipment, counters, and shelving intact, making it an excellent candidate to return to service as a food vending Bus!

The body is way above average for what most Highroofs look like these days.  The sales flap was added at the time the Bus was repainted, approximately 8 years ago, and outfitted for food service.  The paint is clean for a driver, an older job, not show quality, but looks plenty nice for a commercial work vehicle like this.  There are flaws including chips, nicks, small dings, some small blisters down low, and old patches from long ago when it was painted.  The front floor is pretty incredible with small patches at the A pillars in the typical fashion of years ago when the Bus was repainted.  Overall it looks plenty nice if you intend to use and enjoy it rather than pursue perfection.  Details to note include the correct doors, decklid, apron, European headlights and taillights, kilometer speedometer, European "fahrt start" locking steering column/ignition, a set of 14 inch Bus wheels, and clean painted commercial hubcaps, too.

The interior is very impressively clean and still includes most of the equipment from its time as a food service Bus.  The counters, shelving, and side sales flap would make this an ideal candidate to return to service for selling goods or food as it's been outfitted to do.  Many such Highroofs have been used to serve food, coffee, ice cream, beer, snacks, vintage Volkswagen parts, or other goods out of!  If you've been looking to outfit a Highroof for use in your business or as an advertisement tool, this Bus offers a huge head start on where you want to be!

Mechanically this Highroof starts, runs, stops, shifts, and drives good enough to get on and off a ship.  It will need some further servicing to be a reliable driver as it was only recently awoken after being parked for some years.  The charging system currently has a problem, either the generator or the voltage regulator is likely not working, so that will need some attention.  It features a 1600cc dual port engine, stock reduction box transaxle, and a 12 volt electrical system as well.  The wheels are 14 inch Bus wheels with older white stripe radial tires.  

Overall this is an exceptional Highroof that is very presentable, way more solid than most you'll ever see, and in a condition that is very enjoyable and could easily be returned to money-making status just as Volkswagen originally intended over 50 years ago!  Thanks!


PLEASE NOTE, THIS COOL HIGHROOF IS LOCATED IN TOKYO, JAPAN!  Price does not include transportation costs, shipping, or associated fees.  All shipping expenses and arrangements are to be made by the buyer.

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