1966 13 Window, All OG!

1966 13 Window Walkthru Deluxe, Original Paint, Super Survivor Bus!
Here is a beautiful time capsule Bus that is as original as they come and with a fully known history since new! The current owner is a very seasoned Bus collector and had been in focused pursuit of this Bus for many years. It was a bit of a local legend in his town, a true, no bullshit, one owner, "little old lady" Bus! It was always garaged so the original Sea Blue and Cumulus White paint remain very strong and the original Aero Papyrus interior has stayed dry as well.

The little old lady originally bought it from Eglin Motors in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The owners were stationed at Eglin Air Force Base until 1968. They then got transferred to Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska. Prior to their move, they removed the middle seat and sent it ahead via military relocation shipping along with their housewares. They then proceeded to load up the family and drove the Bus all the way from Florida to Alaska! What a fun family vacation! Luckily the middle seat found it's way back into the bus when they arrived in Alaska.

In 1972, they relocated to Port Orchard, Washington, where the current owner has also lived for many years. It's unclear if the father was out of the military at that point or if he worked at one of the many Naval bases in the area. The Bus had only clocked 18,000 miles at this point in 1972. It now has just over 109,000 original miles. The original owner family has said that the Bus only left the peninsula 3 or 4 times in it's entire life! The area is basically an island as you have to take the Tacoma Narrows Bridge (Galloping Gertie) or a ferry to get to the "mainland." It's a bit of a trek for some people it seems. There are a few back roads that take you out of the area via Highway 101, but that's basically it.

The times that the current owner "spotted" this Bus over the years were always at garage sales, thrift shops, the library downtown, or out front of the old-time repair shop for it's annual 200 mile oil change! It disappeared a few years ago and no one knew what happened to it. Turns out the little old lady who was always seen behind the wheel, now in her 80's, had fallen ill with Dementia and was no longer able to drive. The time had come to sell her Bus and the current owner is the lucky guy who was in the right place at the right time.
The body is in impressive condition for a 48 year old survivor, about as original as can be, and still displays the vast majority of the original Sea Blue and Cumulus White paint. The white on the nose, and above the trim, was repainted as the windshield sill had some rust repair and a spare tire mount had also done some light damage to the nose. The passenger rocker is pretty intact but does have some holes. The driver's rocker is rusty, all below the cargo floor though. The outriggers are dented from the Bus being jacked up by them over the years and only one appears to be rusty. The body is impressively straight, the floors are unbelievable, original, and in original paint! Other details to note include the correct pointed end Deluxe bumpers, all correct doors, doglegs, engine lid, apron, etc. Additionally all 5 wheels are match dated, 1/66, as are all 4 trim rings, 1/66.
The interior is very impressive, as original as it gets, and will certainly wow those of you who are familiar with how few Aero Papyrus interiors still look this good at nearly 50 years of age! All of the seats are correct, original, and the original kick panels are even intact! Other details to note include the beautiful original blue floor mats, very nice Aero Papyrus paneling, the extremely nice original headliner, the excellent original rear carpeting with the color-coordinated blue fibers, the super nice original paint dash, the original spare tire cover, etc., etc., etc. The front seats were recently repaired by removing the upholstery and installing patches from the backside in order to extend the life of the difficult-to-find and not-reproduced material. The currently offered replacement material is simply embarrassing, hardly resembles the original, and was absolutely out of the question as an option for this survivor.
Mechanically the Bus is a very good driver, still has the original engine, and still has the correct 1966 only large diameter 6 volt generator. The carburetor was recently replaced and appears to be the one of the only non-original mechanical parts. The Bus has been religiously maintained by the same old school shop since it arrived in Port Orchard decades ago. The shop owner was able to confirm the story, the mileage, and the maintenance of the Bus, although their printed files only go back to 2009 as they changed their computer system at that time. The Bus has always been a driver, never having been retired from service! It starts, runs, drives, shifts, and stops great although it does leak a bit of oil and the engine is a tad grimy. The next owner might opt to remove the engine, reseal it, clean it up, detail the engine compartment, reinstall, and continue to enjoy the Bus as it is. Other details to note include the 14 inch radial white stripe tires with good tread and the stock 6 volt electrical system with everything working, even the original Deluxe clock! Additionally the Bus has a new Optima battery with a custom strap as not to alter the Bus with it's installation. The original Sea Blue battery strap is included as well.
Survivor Buses of this caliber are increasingly difficult to find these days, especially examples with a known history since new. Don't miss your chance on this beauty! Thanks!
Please note that this cool 13 Window Deluxe is located in Port Orchard, Washington, and the license plate is not included!
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