1966 21 Window Survivor!

1966 21 Window Walkthru Deluxe Microbus, Incredible Original Survivor!

This extremely original Sea Blue and Cumulus White Deluxe Bus was purchased new in Verona, Italy by a US military sergeant back in 1966.  When his tour of duty was over he shipped it back to his home in Washington state and enjoyed it until 1983.  The Bus then sat in storage from 1983 until recent history when it was sold out of the family's estate to the current owner who is the second registered owner.  He took the Bus to the very talented Matt Howard of Deluxe Customs in Arizona who did a comprehensive professional revival and preservation on it, going through and rebuilding and servicing all of the mechanical systems as needed, and detailing it with total respect for preserving the extreme originality of the Bus.  

The Bus now has just over 126,000 original miles, is still wearing very strong original Sea Blue and Cumulus White paint, has all stock original mechanicals throughout, and has one of the nicest original Aero Papyrus Deluxe interiors I ever recall having seen.  There are stacks of service receipts, a signed promissory note dated 1966, vintage Italian insurance documents, old registration cards, owner's manual, dealer service booklet, and other bits of cool documentation still with the Bus as well, dating all the way back to when the Bus was new in 1966!  This is a well-documented survivor with a very well demonstrated story of it's remarkable life.

The body is way above average for an unrestored and original paint Deluxe survivor.  The paint is strong, thick, and still holds a nice glossy shine considering the fact that it is now 52 years young.  All of the doors, decklid, apron, pointed end bumpers, and the 14 inch Bus wheels are original and still displaying their factory paint.  Of course there are some bonks, bruises, chips, and imperfections as you'd expect but the purist and advanced collector who appreciates originality will have a hard time finding a nicer unmolested 21 Window than this one.  The floors are extraordinary, solid, dry, and even have strong factory paint intact on them.  The belly pans and underside is equally as impressive, dry, solid, just the way we like to see them.

The interior is positively a highlight.  Those of you who are familiar with the Aero Papyrus interiors that came on the 1966-1967 Sea Blue and Cumulus White Deluxe Buses probably haven't seen one this nice, clean, and intact.  Trust the fact that not many have survived this well!  That's the factory headliner, factory door panels, factory seats, factory seat upholstery, factory blue floor mats, etc.  This Bus has been thoroughly photographically documented by the restoration and preservation specialists who performed the work on it as it serves as an excellent example of just how these Buses left the factory.  There are loads of details to note and this one is the example to study for anyone restoring such a Bus.  Specific details to note include the cool color matched greenish rubber grab handles, color matched blue walkthru bulkhead mats, color matched blue walkthru aisle mat, the original paint code decal is fully intact, the "XJ" export code for Italian delivery, the list goes on.  This interior will positively bring back the feel, smells, and emotions of the era it came from!  Survivors do that, no restoration or reproduction ever can!

Mechanically the Bus is fully turnkey, has been thoroughly revived, serviced, and rebuilt as needed.  The engine is the correct 1500cc, was recently rebuilt, and all of the original details were retained wherever possible.  The transaxle was also completely gone through, brakes are all new, and the tires are also new white stripe radials with excellent tread.  Approximately $20,000 was spent on the recent revival/refresh/rebuild/servicing/preservation.  The Bus looks just about as good as it can for a truly untampered survivor that was born over a half century ago!

There are nearly 300 pics of the Bus and key documentation for your review on my website at http://www.holygrailgarage.com/  This one is not to be missed for those of you who especially love unrestored original early Buses.  Thanks!


Please note that this cool 21 Window Walkthru is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Please visit my website at www.holygrailgarage.com to see the full album of pics of this Bus, more interesting Vintage VW's, Classic Cars, and Parts for sale.  

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