Early 1957 Single Cab!

Early 1957 Single Cab, 45,000 Original Miles, Super Cool Truck!
This beautiful bubble taillight Single Cab was bought brand new in early 1957 and was used as a farm truck until 1970 when it was parked. It spent the following 39 years off the road and was purchased by a very skilled and hardcore Bus enthusiast in 2009. He spent over 3 years completely going over, refreshing, and reviving the truck from a preservationists perspective, with a few stealth upgrades for the sake of drivability.
Some of the long list of features include being mostly original L31 Dove Blue paint with blends as needed, the original 36hp engine was rebuilt and a Wolfsburg West Okrasa Kit was added, completely rebuilt original transaxle, completely rebuilt front beam, disc brakes were added on the front end, the electrical system was converted to 12 volts, it has original Hella bubble taillights and glass reflectors, original-to-the-truck pressed bumpers and splash pans, NOS grey commercial hubcaps, Firestone 6.40-15 bias ply tires, original hoops and mint reproduction canvas, a brand new wiring harness, and the original jack, tools and pouch, and owners manual are also included.
The body is in extremely nice condition having received first rate work where any metal replacement was necessary. Great care was taken to replicate the factory style assembly, NOS parts and the best available new parts were utilized where needed, and the undercarriage was beautifully painted as factory in the correct grey with original style spraying/overspray patterns as well. Details to note include the correct SBL17 taillights, glass Hella reflectors, brakelight decklid with NOS brakelight assembly, crankstart apron, 5 date matched 15 inch Bus wheels sprayed in the correct L82 Silver White Glasurit paint, correct thick lip doglegs, flat wheel wells, correct doors, all the glass is original dual logo SEKURIT with the exception of the windshields which are excellent reproductions from Stacey Z and feature correct logos as original, and a brand new set of ash wood bed strips from Rick Clark are included but not yet installed.
The interior is very nice, super clean, and very faithful to original. Details to note include superb new Matt Miller black commercial seat upholstery, nice new grey commercial paneling from Clara Williams, original 70mph speedometer was cleaned and rebuilt by "Corona Ryan" Ousley, and the original black steering wheel and horn button are still in excellent original condition as well.
Mechanically the Bus has been completely refreshed and is far more than just a simple revival. Details include the original engine being completely rebuilt and the Okrasa Kit added by Darren Krewenchuk, the original split case transaxle was rebuilt by Gary Zinc using many NOS parts, the reduction boxes, rear brakes, and front beam were all completely rebuilt and detailed by Greg "Campingbox" Noble, and all suspension parts were repainted or powdercoated in semi-gloss black. All of the hardware was silver cad plated, too. The goal was to keep things very stock in appearance while adding a bit of power with the Okrasa, a bit more stopping power via a set of CSP wide 5 disc front brakes, adding reliability and brighter lights via the use of a Porsche 356 12 volt generator, and adding the practicality of a gas gauge and larger fuel capacity via the use of a restored 1967 gas tank. The original front brakes, single circuit ATE German master cylinder, generator, and gas tank are also included in the sale.
This early Truck is a cool blend of 1950's stock styling, A grade sheet metal, the undeniable appeal of patina, and mild mechanical upgrades to enhance the driving experience in 2014. Thanks!
Please note this 1957 is located in Bellingham, Washington.
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